Monday, November 15, 2010

Trying to manage my time

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been very busy with my academics, work, and swimming. I guess this busy college lifestyle is just a learning experience that will help me in the future. So let me give you a recap of how things have been going for me at st.mikes. First of all I have been doing really good in all my classes but chemistry, I guess I have never really been good in science; I’m great at math but just bad at science. I tell you what though, if it wasn’t for the great professor I have in chemistry I would have been doing a lot worst. He is always available with his office hours and the weekly help sessions, also if I can’t make it to the help sessions for some reason, I can make an appointment to meet with him some other time. The great things is that he is not the only professor at st.mikes that does that, I hear my friends all the time that they go to their professors when they are struggling or they just want to do better in general. Aside from chemistry, I have been doing great with the rest of my classes and swimming is going great as well. Also we I just registered for my classes on Friday, I’ll tell you guys how that went in another blog. well have a great day everyone!!!.

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