Sunday, January 23, 2011

Experience at UVM course

Hey everyone,

Well as you all know, I ‘am in the 3+2 engineering dual degree program between St.mikes and UVM. While I take most of my classes at St.mikes and live at St.mikes I take my engineering courses at UVM. Well this semester I’ am taking my first engineering course at UVM and so far it has been a great experience. Even though the classes have a lot more students than the usual SMC class, I still feel like the professor really wants to know its students and build a close relationship with us. The class that I ‘am taking this semester is a CAD course, it’s really interesting, we will be designing things through a computer program called “auto-cad”. The first two days of class were more of an introduction, so I can’t wait until next Tuesday and see what the professor will have us doing.

On the social side of things, I became friends with a couple of guys from my class, they seem like really cool kids and its nice meeting people with the same interests as you. One of them actually helped me find my way back to the bus stop. I really appreciated that he helped me or I would of gotten really lost, UVM is pretty huge; that’s why I LOVE ST.MIKES, it’s nice and small so you can get yourself around pretty smoothly. But I like UVM as well; so far so good, hopefully I this experience of taking classes at two schools goes as smoothly and nicely as it is going now. Well that’s it for me!, until next time.

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