Sunday, September 19, 2010

A sunday at burlington

Hello everyone,

Today was the first time I went down to burlington on a sunday morning. Back in new york city I got a haircut every sunday but I havent been able to do the same over here because most of the time im eather studying or in the swimming pool; But today I decided to dedicated this sunday to my hair an go down to burlington to get a hair cut.

Sounds easy huh?, well it wasnt very easy. Almost every barbershop in burlington is closed on sundays, I was with one of my teammates at the time. After half an hour just looking for a barbershop, we decided to take a break and go eat some ice cream at ben an jerry's(best place to eat ice cream...period). since it is such a beautifull day we just sat outside in church street talking about the new swimming coach( ill talk about this in another blog). After we finished eating the ice cream we decided to go down to the mall in church street. we had a great time inside jsut hanging out, I actaully bought a new york yankees hat in which my teammate wasnt very happy about considering he is a red sox fan hahahaha, he also bought a hat, boston of course. This was very funny because no were else will you see a boston and a yankees fan walking around eating ice cream, only in vermont hahaha, and to think about it thats how st.mikes is overall.

As Dan and me start walking back to the car, we see a sign "DIVERSITY BARBERSHOP", "OPEN". This was the expresion on my face..... =0. After we got ourselves back together and saw that it was true, we walked across the street and into the barbershop. When I walked inside the barber shop I noticed that the barber hat a boston hat too, If this would of happened back in new york city I would of probably walked out because I would of feared that teh barber would of tried to sabotage my hair, but since i was in burlington i didn't mind. After i finally finished getting a haircut, Dan and me what was right at the time, We went back to ben and jerry's to eat more ice cream. Finally after our great journey in Burlington, we decided to head back to st.mikes to watch the Patriots vs Jets football game in which I'am actually watching as I' am writting this blog. I have a feeling this is going to be a very exiting football game. Well have a great day everyone and I hope you liked this blog.


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  1. Mich, you gotta take me with you next time. I need a haircut!